10 Signs Your Boyfriend is Cheating

I’ve been cheated on in past relationships. 

This is why I am sharing from my own experience, the Top 10 Signs Your Boyfriend Is Cheating On You!

Without further ado, here is the top 10 signs that I have experienced when figuring out your boyfriend is a cheater.

This is not a guarantee your boyfriend is a cheater but if they fall into many of these following behaviors, then it may be time to rethink your relationship.  

1. Very secretive with their cell phone. Top sketchy behaviors include always keeping their phone out of sight.

Keeping their cell phone on silent and Upside down all the time.

Will not share  their password with you or let you use their phone to take pics or anything.

Always keeping the phone away from you being able to see what they are doing on it. 

Real quick to put the phone down when you enter the room, but quick to get back on it as soon as you leave.

2. Missing in action way too much. If your boyfriend ghosts you for hours to days on end, then that is not a solid honest relationship.

Especially when they ignore you on weekends or outings with his friends. 

Your partner should make you feel secure and if you find yourself wondering where they are and why they are not responding for long periods of time, then this is surely suspect.

I’ve been told lies like “oh i dropped my cell phone in a toilet so I could not call you”. uhm really for a whole fucking weekend? 

Even if thats the case, you should have found another way to contact me.  Social media? use your friend or family members phone? 

Theres a lack or respect right there already.

3. Never posts Pics of you on their social media. I get we may not want our partners all up on our instagram pages and what not, but cmon.

If you are not even in one picture or story, then chances are they do not want people to know they are in a relationship.

They want to appear to be single or at least Not Super Serious with someone.

4. Has a wandering eye. if your boo is flirty to women in front of you then this not being respectful of you.

If you catch you man checking out women in front of you, then can you even imagine what happens when you are not around? 

5. Has a history of cheating in past relationship. Once a cheater always a cheater? I would say maybe but yes most likely in my experience.

If a person cheating when they were a lot more immature and have gone through years of personal development then may have gotten rid of their cheating ways.

But if you have been cheating on recently and the person keeps promising to change but they change does not last long and they do it again, then get out.

This a cheater that will keep on cheating.

Find a healthy hottie who will treat you like the god you are.

6. Has cheated on you already, whether they admit it or not. This one really hits home with me because I actually had a past boyfriend cheat on me with a girl in the other bedroom of our house, while i was sleeping in the next room. 

And he still denied !! lol I can laugh about it now but I mean cmon.

We want to believe them so bad but no matter what a dude can lie up and down nothing happened.

This is one of the worst things someone can do to you. Is make you feel like the crazy one that is jumping to conclusions. 

ARRRRR so unhealthy, get out of the relationship if this keeps happening to you.

7. You have found evidence. I once found a pack of condoms in my ex boyfriends car and he told me it was his best friends.

That same asshole was caught cheating on me at a friend of a friends house and he denied that too. I also found two shot classes and one with lipstick on it, when I arrived to our apartment one day. 

He said he had friends over, not a girl. OMG the things we let slide when we feel in love. someone who gaslights you does not love you truly or at least not how you deserve to be loved. 

It’s not you, It is them that needs help. 

Get out if you have had numerous evidence but never get the truth out of your partner. They are a liar and a cheater!!

8. He Hangs out with other cheater Friends. I’m sorry but it’s so true. If your dude hangs out with other people who constantly cheat and cross the boundaries in their  own relationship, then chances are they all cover up for each other. 

Find someone who has friends with morals and high integrity. 

If your boyfriend has a solid group of friends that value their own relationships, then this could up your odds that your boyfriend will stick to behaving when out with them. 

Hopefully your boyfriend has good friends who enjoy wholesome fun with the boys. 

Not friends that go and and want to meet up with other girls and get each other do dumb shit and forget about you.

9. Their work schedule is tying them up more than usual. It’s no surprise many affairs happen in the work place. If your boyfriends is working late all of a sudden, this may be something to look out for. 

We all have busy seasons so take a look if anything else has changed. Are they drinking more or dressing up more all of a sudden? 

Are they trying to improve their appearance more when going to work?Whoa re they trying to impress now huh? 

This extra time at work is a very common excuse men use to cheat after work.

10. Their attitude towards you is changing. This could be anything from the way they talk to you. Are they more short with you? 

Unwilling to give you details about their whereabouts? More or less sex? 

Different moves you’ve never done with him before? Maybe they are just not as nice to you like before. 

Are they taking you for granted or acting like you are always going to be there?

If your inner intuition Is already telling you something is up, then you should trust yourself.