15 Early Signs and Symptoms of Pregnancy - Before Missed Period

Pay close attention to your body.

Some moms have said to have felt the moment of implantation!

Let’s chat about the 15 Top Signs of Pregnancy Before Your Missed Period!

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15 Early Signs and Symptoms of Pregnancy 

Women who are in tune with their bodies are able to feel early signs of pregnancy.

1. Implantation bleeding

implantation bleeding spotting blood picture

When the fertilized egg is attached to the uterus wall you may have implantation bleeding. 

Implantation bleeding is the spotting that some women experience during early pregnancy. 

It is mild bleeding that is different from menstrual blood and lasts from a few hours to a few days. 

If you have a regular menstrual cycle then the implantation bleeding will occur a week or two before the missed period. [2]

2. Vaginal Discharge

pregnancy discharge between fingers stretch 1

In some cases, pregnant women experience a thick, milky discharge from the vagina during the early stages.

The release of this fluid happens in the initial weeks of pregnancy as the vaginal wall swallows.

This thick, white discharge may occur during the entire pregnancy.

An unpleasant smell, burning, or itching sensation with this discharge can be a sign of vaginal infection.

Consult your healthcare provider if you have any of the above-mentioned conditions associated with vaginal discharge. [5]

3. Tenderness or Soreness of Your Breasts

Breasts are considered one of the first body parts to show the early signs of pregnancy.

When the sperm meets eggs breasts may get triggered because of an increased level of estrogen hormone.

You may experience tingly, sore, full, or painful breasts a few days after conception. [1]

4. Changes in Your Areolas

Darkening of areolas is the one early pregnancy symptom that may get confused with the PMS.

Darkening of areolas and an increase in its diameter occur during the week following conception.

During pregnancy, women may also experience tiny goosebumps around the area of areolas.

These early symptoms may take weeks to show up and not every woman experiences them. [1]

5. Cramping!

Cramping is another early sign of pregnancy.

The egg travels into the uterus after fertilization and implants itself within the uterine wall.

This implantation of the fertilized egg may cause slight cramping and mild spotting during early pregnancy.

These cramps occur during the first weeks of pregnancy. [3]

6. Mood Swings

Mood swings are a common symptom of early pregnancy.

It is mainly caused by hormonal changes that can affect the neurotransmitter of the brain.

Expecting women experience fluctuations in mood and may get very sensitive and emotional during the early stages of pregnancy.

If you are experiencing intense emotions of anxiety, happiness, sadness, or depression, your body might be showing you signs of pregnancy. [7]

7. Frequent Urination

Frequent urination is also an early sign of pregnancy in most cases.

Most women experience frequent urination as early as two weeks after conception.

The pressure on the bladder from the growing uterus and the rise in progesterone levels can cause increased urination.

In addition to this, your kidneys start filtering out extra wastes from your blood that may result in increased urination. [1

8. Constipation

In some cases, women may have constipation during early pregnancy.

The increased level of progesterone hormone can constipate bowels.

If you have constipation for over a week after you miss a period, you may need to take a pregnancy test. [2]

9. Extreme Fatigue

A higher level of pregnancy hormones and the energy used in baby-making can make women extremely tired and sleepy.

Exhaustion and sleepiness are considered earlier signs of pregnancy.

The higher level of progesterone can also be blamed for an increased tendency to sleep and fatigue. [2]

10. Headaches

One of the most common symptoms of early pregnancy is a headache.

The estrogen and progesterone hormones prepare the uterus for the baby.

The headache is caused by the increased hormonal function that also results in low blood sugar levels. [2]

11. Changes in Your Body Temperature

Keeping track of your basal temperature can also help you to detect pregnancy even before you miss your period.

The body temperature of every woman rises during the ovulation period because of the increased level of progesterone.

If you have successfully conceived, your body temperature will constantly rise during the gestational period.

You can confirm pregnancy if you have a higher body temperature for more than eighteen days. [1]

12. Increased Heart Rate

Changes in heart rate are also one of the earliest signs of pregnancy that you may experience during the first trimester.

Your heart starts to pump at a faster rate from the 8th to the 10th week.

The increased level of blood flow caused by the growing fetus may result during early pregnancy.

Your doctor can help you to manage low dosages of drugs if you have any underlying heart problems. [4]

13.  Indigestion

During early pregnancy, progesterone and relaxin level increases resulting in the relaxation of smooth muscle tissues in the gastrointestinal tract.

Due to these relaxed muscles, the food moves slower through the digestive system and the expecting woman may have indigestion problems.

If you are experiencing bloating, gassy feeling, or heartburn because of indigestion you may need to take a pregnancy test. [6]

14.  Nausea

Nausea during pregnancy is also known as morning sickness and is one of the earliest signs of pregnancy that you may experience even before you miss a period.

Morning sickness can occur anytime during the day and can come with or without vomiting.

Some women feel nausea after four weeks and this goes on until the end of the first trimester.

You must also check if the nausea is a sign of food poisoning, PMS, or a stomach bug. [1]

15. Food aversions and Smell Sensitivity

Pregnancy hormones play a vital role to meet the desire for your favorite meals.

These hormones may also lead to an aversion to several types of smells.

The conditions including immediate and heightened sensitivity to various smells, pungent tastes, and aversions to various foods occur throughout the first weeks after conception.

Some pregnant women suffer the loss of their appetite before they miss their period.

These conditions may or may not last for the complete duration of pregnancy. [2]

If you keep noticing these early symptoms in your body, it may be easier for you to confirm if you are pregnant or not.

However, to clear your mind from all the doubts you can always go for a home pregnancy test or can consult your health care provider.


What’s Your Earliest Sign or Symptom of Pregnancy? 

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