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Woohoo!! So you have a new baby and you want to know the best baby loungers available?!

Fantastic! You have come to the right post!

Here is a list of my tried and true favorite baby loungers.

I have a toddler and a 3 month old so I know what loungers your baby will actually like!

The 7 Best Baby Loungers

The Sit Up Lounger – MY FAVE!!

This is by far my favorite baby lounger because there are so many loungers that are made for your baby to lay down on, but this one different!! 

1.  This caterpillar lounger actually lets you set your baby up so you can stare at each other and your baby can look around while sitting up. This caterpillar helps strengthen your baby’s head and neck muscles and really let’s your baby see things from an upright position. I use this caterpillar every single day!

The famous Boppy lounger. (2 loungers here!)

2. This Boppy lounger is another serious must-have!! You will use this almost every day and it’s perfect from the newborn stage to 3-6 months. It’s super soft and comfortable and easy to lay your baby here. Keep in mind you don’t want to use it on high ground especially when you’re baby starts to wiggle and flip over.

3.  The second Boppy lounger I recommend is not a full pillow but more like a moon shape with an opening. This can definitely help with bottle feeding and breastfeeding. I use this one as well. It keeps your baby snug and in a comfortable laying down position. After feeding and burping my babes, I like to lay him in something like this just to keep his head elevated while the milk goes down.

Co sleeping lounger!

I have a bassinet but ended up not using it. Instead I use this baby lounger in my bed. I have a large bed and am able to give my baby the other side of the bed. Co sleeping is not recommended but if you do, then have a safe place for your baby. 

4.  I original used the premium dock a tot lounger but neither one of my babies took to it. My newborn actually loves this baby sleeper version and we use it every night as well for some naps throughout the day.

Music swing!

I used this from newborn and I still use it almost everyday! It’s a perfect soother for your baby. Babies like the swinging rocking motion and fall asleep easily in a swing. 

5.  Choose a swing like mine that has a moving mobile, lights, music, and one that swings at different speeds and angles. This is a must have as you have a safe place to put your baby and keep your eyes on them.

Activity loungers!

These two activity loungers are best used when your baby is wide awake and in need of some baby-friendly stimulation.

6. Premium Disney Ocean Lights, Sound and Music Gym.

7.  Kick and Play Piano activity Center. My first baby loved this and so does my newborn! Great for learning hand-eye coordination.