Are you searching for the best bridesmaids robes? Well, look no further! I’m recently married and I would love to help you find the perfect bridesmaids robes. I’ve searched all over and can confidently say that Etsy and Amazon are your best online options for selection and lowest total cost. These retailers provide a one-stop robe shop for your entire bride squad. Robes are a great keepsake gift for your bridesmaids and luckily robes come in a variety of budget-friendly options.

It’s no surprise that getting your hair and makeup applied, while wearing robes, has become increasingly popular and a definite must-have for your wedding day photos! The entire bridal party looks instantly glammed-up and ready for the camera!

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How do you choose the best bridesmaids robes?

Well, first think about how you want your photos to look. Think about your wedding colors, and also keep in mind what colors compliment your bridesmaid’s skin tones. Next, think about the design. Do you want robes that are more on the simple side with no design or do you prefer having floral, lace, or floral and lace? Do you want to personalize the robes with embroidery or ironed on foil? I personalized my bridesmaid’s robes using their first name’s initial. Personalization to the robes shows your bridesmaids you put thought into their gifts and it really makes them feel special. See my maid of honor in the pic below.

Bridemaid wearing floral bridemaid robe picture

You could also add a monogram or a title such as the maid of honor, bridesmaid, or sister from another mister, you get the point. Have fun and get creative.

name Bridesmaid robe pictureBridesmaid robe picture

Here are some of the best bridesmaids robes available on Etsy

Floral bridesmaids robes with lace pictureFloral bridesmaids robes picturebridesmaids robes with lace pictureFloral bridemaids robes picturebridesmaids robes with lace pictureFloral bridesmaids robes picture

Floral bridesmaids robes picture Embroidered monogram bridesmaids robes pictureFloral bridemaids robes picture

Where to find the robe deals on Etsy?

When choosing a business to purchase your robe from, consider the shipping costs and if you would like to add something extra special for your amazing bridesmaids. Many shops offer a way to customize the robes but they may charge you for it.  Check to see if there are personalized foiling or embroidery options available.

I had seven bridesmaids, one flower girl, and myself, so I did not want to spend over $20 a robe.

I found an Etsy shop that offers a FREE gold initial on every robe purchased. This Etsy shop offered the lowest total cost + allowed free personalization so I took my time to compare sellers.


What about small robes for the flower girl?

I purchased my bridesmaid’s robes and my bridal robe on Etsy. As for my tiny 2T wearing flower girl, I ordered her a matching robe off Amazon. Almost all of the robes for little toddlers were too big on Etsy, so I found Amazon to be the best overall for mini-me robes. Check size availability and price here.

ir?t=aff230 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B06Y5CYHD6Don’t forget the bride’s robe!

You could really stand out by having your bridesmaids wear floral and you wearing a solid color; you would really pop out as the bride in the photo. I ultimately chose to also wear floral with my bridesmaids because I believe the photos just look better with a cohesive look, with everyone wearing the same floral robe. I did, however, choose to stand out as the bride, by wearing a different shade. I chose to wear the color ivory and I chose a light pink color for my bridesmaids and flower girl. The floral robes we wore felt luxurious and silky. Robes that have a sheen look to it, looks beautiful in photos.

You and your bridesmaids will look perfect on your wedding day, I just know it!

Wedding day bride and bridesmaids wearing robes picture

Feel free to leave me a comment or any questions you have about finding robes for you and your bridesmaid.

Tip*** Not all floral robe designs are created equal. Look closely at the design. Some floral prints have flowers that are too small, too busy, too big, or even looks like a basic spa robe. 

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  1. That’s a good point that you should consider the general color scheme and how they will look in photos when choosing bridesmaid robes. My wedding is coming up in a few months, and I want my bridesmaids to feel extra special. Thanks for explaining how I can find the perfect robes for the occasion.

  2. ? I’ll write a post about it! I can’t wait until Olivia grows up and looks back at the charm and thinks about the day she was my flower girl ? so cute!

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