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by Adell Hellstrom
powder nest best storage container for baby formula

I am so excited to have come across the best container for baby formula! Introducing… the Powder Nest Formula Storage Container! Wow, that’s a mouthful. Anyways, this product has only been on the market for a few months now. I received notice of this baby formula container through an email, from the company with whom I purchase my baby formula through. I was beyond thrilled. Could it be? The solution to my formula storage problem? I immediately went to the website to purchase the container. Prior to this container, I was unable to find any product made specifically to store baby formula while meeting a set of criteria I had.

My criteria to find the best container for baby formula:

  • Must fit at least 600g of formula
  • Must come with a leveler – to produce precise scoop measurements
  • Must have a hygienic allotted area to hold the formula scoop
  • Must create an air tight seal – to keep formula fresh
  • Easy disassembly to thoroughly clean
  • BPA free

Product Review – Powder Nest Formula Storage Container

Size of container

The size of the container is really perfect for my Hipp Germany formula. My Hipp Germany formula is 600g so you this container could fit slightly more but you do not want to fill too much because there is a scoop leveler. As you can see in the picture above, one box of Hipp formula poured in, leaves enough space to use the leveler. The leveler is used to accurately measure scoops. I used to use a butter knife to level the formula after scooping, so I am really happy with the design of this formula container.

hipp baby formula storage container
hipp baby formula storage container
Keeps formula fresh

The lid comes with a silicone ring that creates an airtight seal. The air-tight seal blocks humidity and moisture from getting to the formula and prematurely making it lose its freshness. Keep in mind, once the formula pouch is opened, Hipp has a storage life of about 3 weeks, and Lebenswert and Holle have a storage life of at least 2 weeks. formula early.


You can completely take the lid apart to thoroughly clean the container. The container is dishwasher safe. I also love that there is a separate compartment for the scooper.

baby formula storage container


At the time of purchase, I paid 32.99 for the baby formula storage container. Although the price may be a little high, I think it really is the best container for baby formula. I would absolutely purchase it again.

baby formula storage container

The container is BPA-free and made from FDA food grade materials. If you are searching for a container to store your baby formula, then look no further. I have been using this container for three months now and I absolutely recommend it! This product has all the moms raving giving it 5 stars –check it out here. 

I would love to know your must have mommy items, leave a comment below!

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