What is the Best Electric Water Kettle?

by Adell Hellstrom

 Modern Electric Water Kettle | For Tea, Oatmeal, Coffee, Pasta and More.

I want tea and I want it now! I really enjoy tea, but I dread the process of boiling water on the stove top or using the microwave to heat a cup of water. It finally dawned on me that my life could be improved if I just purchase a device to heat my water easier and FASTER!

After searching for a product that could give me hot water almost instantaneously, I came across electric water kettles. I didn’t want to spend too much on a kettle but I also did not want something cheap and poor quality. After reading reviews and comparing electric kettles, I decided on this  Aicok Electric Kettle SpeedBoil BPA-FREE Glass Tea Kettle with Auto Shut-off and Boil Dry Protection. This kettle is made with the borosilicate glass which apparently is superior, and resistant to scratching and scuffing. I was also drawn to this kettle because of its size. This kettle does not take up much counter space and it definitely can boil more than enough water I would need.

Electric Water Kettle in Box

This is how the box arrived. My kitty Schmittens was also intrigued 🙂

Electric Water Kettle on Counter top

This kettle is so modern and pretty and best of all- super affordable!  I think I paid around $25 – you can  check the price here .

My absolute favorite feature is the blue LED indicator light that turns on when you start the electric kettle and automatically shuts off when the water is finished boiling. No joke, the kettle began bubbling within seconds of turning it on. After the kettle is done boiling the water, you can lift the kettle away from the base and take it with you to the dining table or wherever you need it. Then, you can bring the kettle back to its base. It would be inconvenient to purchase a kettle that is connected to the cord.


If you are used to getting things done extremely fast, then you need one of these electric kettles. I’m actually starting to drink more tea because boiling hot water is no longer a drag. Because of this kettle, I no longer feel anxious about getting up to boil water; I know I can have tea or instant coffee almost as fast as I think about it! It’s really that amazing.

This kettle can be used for tea, oatmeal, coffee, pasta, instant soups and so much more. I would love to hear the may uses you have found for your electric kettle! Leave a comment below!

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