Best Organic European Baby Formula? | Formula Comparison Charts (Updated 2020)


As a new mother, I’m constantly looking for ways to do what’s best for my son. I’m sure you are the same way if you googled ‘Best Organic Baby Formula’ and made it to my blog. For me, the search for the best organic baby formula began because I realized I was not giving my baby organic formula. I was giving my baby the same formula the hospital sent us home with, which was Similac Pro Advance. 

I thought Similac Pro Advance was one of the best formulas on the market because this formula cost more than many of the other formulas in stores. Similac Pro Advance is now GMO free but they are still not made with organic ingredients. 

To steer clear of my baby ingesting hormones, antibiotics, steroids, pesticides or herbicides, I knew I needed organic formula. Thus, I began the search to find the best organic baby formula available.

This is how I discovered European Baby Formula! I quickly realized European’s have far superior organic baby formula and therefore, mothers in America are opting to import these European formulas rather than purchasing American formula. 


top european baby formula brands picture

After comparing ingredients from the top European Organic companies, I narrowed my search down to two European formula companies: Hipp and Holle. 

Holle Lebenswert is the newer formula from Holle and in my opinion, it has the most ideal ingredients and bioland practices compared to the original Holle formula. 

While Holle Lebenswert is a fantastic option to feed your baby, I ultimately decided on feeding my baby Hipp – Combiotik Organic German formula – Stage 2. Formula from Hipp and Holle come in different stages. For example, Stage 2 is for babies six months and older.

Best Ingredient Comparison Charts

This chart helped me to understand why American formula just doesn’t compare to European formula. The first row demonstrates the ideal formula ingredients. 

As you can see,  American Formula is full of sugar, Maltodextrin, Synthetic DHA and ARA, and other unnecessary ingredients.

American Formula vs European Formula

.Organic baby formula comparison chart with American formula vs European formula

Best alternative to Hipp Dutch

Comparison of Top European Formulas | Organized by Stage
I created this chart to help you compare ingredients for the stage you are in. Hipp Germany, Hipp Dutch, Hipp UK, Holle, and Lebenswert in stages Pre -4. Note* Some formulas offer PRE and some do not. Some formulas offer stage 4 and some do not.

Comparison of the Best Formulas from Hipp | Top Three Formulas Compared

Hipp Germany, Hipp UK, and Hipp Dutch

Hipp organic formula ingredients comparison charts with different stages

Comparison of the Best Formulas from Holle

Holle Cow
Holle Goat (vegetarian option)
Holle Lebenswert
Holle organic formula ingredients comparison charts with different stages

You really can’t go wrong with any of these options. Look at the ingredients and see what matters most to you. Different regions place more importance on different ingredients.

Tip* Hipp Dutch is extremely popular and often sells out, so as a friendly tip, you can order from other regions that have an identical formulation to Hipp Dutch. See the chart below.

Best Websites to Purchase European Organic Baby Formula

After knowing what European Organic formula I wanted to purchase, I then searched for the best and most reputable company online. I compared pricing on the formula, shipping costs, shipping speed, authenticity, and how the warehouse handles the formula (such as temperature and expiration date regulating).

  1. I can confidently say I found two trustworthy companies!!   – Bottles and Burps and Organic’s Best!

Bottles and Burps 

Bottles and Burps offers free fast shipping over $15, and typically takes only 1-2 days! They really have the lowest total price on Hipp and Holle formula. I found another website with lower prices but shipping was $65 and therefore the total cost was substantially higher. 

Most importantly, I actually spoke with the owner, and this really solidified my belief that they are an honest and trustworthy company that only sells fresh and authentic European formula. 

You can read all about the company and their practices here.

Special *** Bottle and Burps Promo Code $10 off a $100 purchase use code: ADELL10

Organic’s Best

Organic’s Best offers awesome bulk purchasing options for all your Hipp and Holle needs!

I definitely am one to stock up on 8 boxes at a time. You should get more savings and value this way. 

Organic’s Best also has super fast shipping and can ship formula to your house within days!

Also, I love that Organic Best Shop will give you two free boxes on your first purchase! 

Read the Organic’s Best story here.


Keep in mind, you may need to try a couple of different formulas to see what works best for your baby.

I initially purchased Hipp Germany Stage 2 no starch and later switched to the Hipp Germany Stage 2 with starch. The no starch formula has a bad taste to it and more importantly, I felt it was disrupting my babies sleep at night. I felt like my baby was waking up more at night because the formula was missing starch and from what I’ve read, the starch may help a baby feel fuller longer.

What do you think? Will you make the switch to Organic European formula? I’d love to hear from you!

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and this chart. I had a few questions, is there a specific reason you started with Germany Hipp 2 instead of 1? Also, do you know anything about HIPP having an aluminum issue?

    1. Hi Digna-thanks for reaching out. To answer your question, I started with Germany Hipp 2 instead of 1 because my baby was already 6+ months old. My baby was already in the stage 2 age group. I fed my baby Similac formula up until the point I made the switch to organic European formula. To answer your second question, I definitely researched the aluminum issue and found it to not be an issue for me. Aluminum is a natural element and is found in the foods we eat. There’s not enough aluminum in the formula to cause concern. Also, the other brands weren’t tested (like Holle) so we don’t know the aluminum counts of the other formula brands. It’s possible other formulas have a higher amount of aluminum. It hasn’t been an issue for our family. Hopes this helps. -Adell

  2. Hello do you have a recommendation my mother in law purchased Hipp Pre and my baby had terrible constipation so we tried Holle Combiotek and she is spitting up a lot.
    Not sure which product to purchase next?

    1. Hi Tracy – Thanks for the question. My baby also went through a period of gassiness and spit-up. In my opinion, this is normal but you should definitely ask your physician. You could also take a look at these Hipp formulas that address your concerns. Hipp makes an ‘Anti-reflux’ formula to help with the spit up and they also have a ‘Comfort’ formula that is supposed to help with gassiness and constipation.

      You can check out either formula here.

      Anti reflux:

  3. I was searching for such article and I have ended up here! Thank you very much for sharing such an amazing piece with us. Looking forward to reading such amazing articles as well.

    1. Thank you for your question. Hipp UK and Hipp Dutch do not contain starch in any of their formulas. Hipp Germany makes two versions of Stage 2, one with starch and one without starch. I originally purchased Germany stage 2 without starch but immediately switched to Germany stage 2 with starch. I made the switch to starch because I felt it helped my baby feel fuller longer and sleep through the night more consistently.

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