Big Basin Redwoods State Park | Hiking with a Baby

Sun between Redwood trees Big Basin Park

I’m so excited to share photos from our family hike at Big Basin Redwoods State Park. This park is about one hour from where we live in San Jose, California. I feel so blessed to live in California because there are so many beautiful hiking trails surrounding us that I have yet to discover. I will be sure to post all of our family hikes here to help you decide which destinations you may want to explore.

Upon arrival, we decided it would be best to speak with someone about trail recommendations. We were looking for a trail loop that was somewhere around 5 miles, has plenty of shade, and has a waterfall. The park ranger we spoke with recommended the “Skyline to the Sea” trail which connects to the “Sequoia” trail. The elevation for this hike is about 300 feet, which is considered on the easy side but can be quite a workout!

You can find assistance at the Park Headquarters Cabin located near the park entrance.

After consulting with the park ranger, we drove into the park and paid $10 cash for parking. Just so you are prepared, parking is $10 cash only.

Big Basin, California family hike with 8 month old baby
big basin parking fee

And so the hike begins…

img 9542

Not too long into the hike, Landon decided to take a nap, so cute!

mom and son hiking at Big Basin

I’m using my go-to ergonomic baby carrier, made by LÍLLÉbaby. This carrier allows me to carry Landon on my front, hip or back. I usually carry Landon on the front of my body and have him facing outwards, but it’s much easier to hike and walk long distances with his weight on my back.

photo of Redwood Trees with sidewalk at Big Basin National Park

The Skyline trail follows Opal Creek. We stopped for a quick break at this Opal Creek and I took a few moments to breathe in the ancient trees. #yogaeverydamnday 

Yoga pose at Opal Creek in Big Basin National Park

Continuing on the hike led us to the site of the Maddocks cabin, a family of early pioneers who built a homestead there (there’s no actual cabin).

We then stopped at the connection to the Sequoia trail and took a picture next to two gigantic redwood trees.

Family photo in front of Redwood tree at Big Basin National Park

The connection between the Skyline and Sequoia trail is deceptively long and windy from what is shown on the map… 

Break time!

img 9595

I’d like to say I’m glistening, but this is undeniably sweat. lol

img 9600

Eventually, we reached a landmark called Slippery Rock.

Not too far after Slippery Rock is Sempervirens Falls (it’s pretty small).

After the waterfall, the rest of the Sequoia trail goes through several campsites before going back to headquarters.

Sun between Redwood trees Big Basin Park

The snack bar/cafe at headquarters has almost everything you would find at a 7-11. There is also a really nice gift shop where you can buy some souvenirs. 

Big basin gift shop store

We finished our hike with some well-deserved soft serve! The soft serve ice cream is located at the register, so you have to walk up to the register to see it and ask for it 🙂

Ice cream from snack bar store at Big Basin Park

I would love to hear about your favorite hiking trails in or around the Bay Area!