We Tried CBD Oil for Anxiety - Does It Work?


CBD Oil For Anxiety

I’ve been hearing a lot about CBD oil for anxiety so I decided to finally give it a try. I’ve thought about trying CBD oil for quite some time now, but I end up talking myself out of it. 

Many of my friends and family members have tried CBD oil as well as cbd gummies and they have said mostly good things about their experience with it. Nobody freaked out and the feeling was less of a feeling and more of a calmness.

Most people that use CBD use the oil and dropper. You can add told me about their positive experiences with CBD yet I was still nervous. When you have anxiety, you tend to overthink situations. 

My biggest fear was that my body wouldnt agree with the CBD oil or that I might take too much and then feel like I’m trapped overdosing. LOL. If you are also new to CBD, let me be the first to tell you – you’ll be fine. Just make sure you do your research and find a safe high-quality product, like the one I bought.


CBD Isolate or CBD Full-Spectrum

My very first purchase included two bottles. Not one, but two! I wanted to try CBD oil with THC and also without THC. I figured II would start no THC then graduate into adding THC. I thought I would eliminate the risk of feeling high if I take the THC out.

Will I Feel High If I Take CBD?

CBD does not produce the psychoactive effects that make you feel “high”. Yes, this THC is derived from the Hemp plant but its the THC that get’s you high. The THC in marijuana get’s you high and the CBD doesn’t get you high; it just calms you. 

When should you take it? What does it feel like?

Like many things (particularly THC), the sensation from CBD and its utility varies from person to person. Thus, it goes without saying that the safest way to try CBD (or anything that affects your mood) is to go low and slow to acclimate without pushing your limits.

The first time my husband and I took a full dose of the Kind Urth isolate, I didn’t feel much other than a slight sense of calm, while my husband felt a high comparable to that of THC for about 30 minutes and then a strong sense of calm. 

We took it on a Saturday afternoon before going grocery shopping, highlighting that you can certainly do everyday activities without concern.

A few times my husband has had trouble sleeping from work stress, occasionally waking up in the middle of the night heart-racing. He was grateful to have a tincture by the bedside, as it was fast-acting and calming, he was able to get right back to sleep. 

He also likes to use it to combat “hangxiety” (the anxiety and depression experienced during a hangover).

Thus, while CBD won’t bring on the immediate euphoria or sedating effects of a glass of wine (for us at least), it is a healthy and natural means of combating anxiety and worry without any noticeable lingering effects. 

The feeling can be very subtle, where you may gradually become more relaxed without noticing any sudden change in mood.

Also, while the difference between Isolate and Full Spectrum is the THC content in the latter, we didn’t notice a strong difference between the two. This could be explained by our decent THC tolerances, so your results may vary!

Bottom line: 

CBD is natural and the most likely “worst case scenario” is that you won’t feel anything, with the potential of a sustained sense of an ease of anxiety. Everyone who’s interested should give it a try and see what works for them!


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I reached out to Kindurth after having such a positive experience with their product and shipping speed. 

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What are some of your favorite CBD products?

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