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Several books and journals on “consumer behavior” cite that consumers have different needs from their products including social, psychological, safety, esteem, and self-actualization needs. hence, your best CBD product depends on your needs and convenience. 

There are several CBD products in the market today including:

CBD skin products
CBD oil concentrates
CBD edibles
CBD isolates
CBD capsules
CBD vape oil
CBD tinctures
CBD hair products, lotions and beauty products
CBD for pets (I have not done this but have heard about it)

In this article, we are going to discuss the top CBD products for women depending on their:User-friendliness.
How to use CBD concentration.

Read the whole article to know which CBD product may suit your needs and be highly convenient for you.

CBD oil concentrate

This CBD product has the least amount of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and the highest CBD concentration. Thus, it is least likely to have any intoxicating or “high” effect on the user. Also, it is the most personalized of all CBD products and my personal favorite. I have an article about my experience with CBD here.

CBD oil concentrates are mostly extracted by the C02 extraction method from the hemp plant. This method for creating pure and highly potent CBD.
Since CBD oil concentrate has no taste or smells, it can be easily integrated with other products when using.

The most common method of administering CBD oil concentrate is by putting it under your tongue and holding it for 60-90 seconds to allow the compounds to be absorbed quickly into the body by the mucous membrane. Other methods of use are adding it to your vaporizer or blending the oil into a smoothie.

CBD Edibles

Women who prefer an enjoyable experience often use this product. CBD edibles are very common in the market. They are easier and quicker to take. They come in different flavors.
These products are of three different types:
Full-spectrum edibles – They are made using the whole profile of the hemp plant. They contain all the hemp’s components, molecular compounds, and cannabinoids including THC, which legally should not exceed 0.3%
Broad-spectrum edibles- these edibles contain the complete profile of the hemp plant apart from THC.

Isolate CBD edibles

They contain purely CBD. They do not carry any additives or terpenes.
CBD edibles can be mixed with your favorite food when eating. They can also be mixed with your best drink especially if they are soluble in the drink.
CBD tinctures and lipids.

These products come in liquid form. They have no more than 0.3% of THC hence CBD tinctures are not psychoactive. Meaning, they won’t get you high.
CBD tinctures are made by soaking CBD rich hemp flowers in high-proof grain alcohol and cooking for some hours over low heat”.

They are also infused with natural flavors giving the users a great experience.
They can be administered by mixing them into smoothies or being folded into ice cream, oatmeal, and yogurt.

CBD vape oil

It is designed to be vaporized and inhaled using a vaporizer (vape pens). A vaporizer has 3 components:
An electrically rechargeable battery to provide power. You can use the ordinary USB ports, vape tank or cartridge vape tank or cartridge. This is where the vape oil is heated to produce vapor.
Mouthpiece. This part directs the vapor for inhalation.
For women who prefer pure, clean CBD with an instant effect, CBD vape oil is the best option.
The vapor is directly absorbed into the blood via the lungs. Other CBD products must go through the digestive tract or the skin in order to be absorbed into the blood. Therefore, CBD vape oil has the best bioavailability (meaning it has an instantaneous effect)
CBD vape oil has fruity, terpentene dessert flavors that emphasize natural hemp.
CBD skin and hair products (CBD tropicals).
These products are mostly used by women who would like to enhance their beauty. They include balms, salves, lotions, shampoos, oils, and conditioners infused with hemp-derived CBD. They are applied directly to the hair or skin.

CBD capsules

Women do not have to worry about the correct CBD measurements or product perishability. CBD capsules are pre-measured and easy to take. Unlike some CBD products, they must not necessarily be refrigerated. You can also store them with you or from your area of use.
CBD capsules from full-spectrum oils, so they provide similar compounds and nutrients offered by natural hemp.
Take it by swallowing the capsules with a glass of water
Guidelines for choosing the best CBD brand.
There is an influx of CBD brands making CBD products in the market today. But choosing the best brand is a challenge to many. Here are some guidelines for you:

Check the method of CBD extraction. There are several methods of extracting CBD including solvent extraction and CO2 extraction. Some methods extract impure CBD with a low yield. The most coveted method is CO2 extraction as is creates potent, high-quality CBD.
Check for online testimonials from previous users. Online reviews are the best guideline when buying any product. CBD testimonials may help you determine a brand that suits you.


CBD products have different methods of use and effectiveness. Some are designed to meet specific needs or benefits to the users. Others are designed to meet specific or general CBD benefits. As a woman, you can choose your best product by following the above-mentioned guidelines.

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