Read Our Guide on How to Cleanse Your House With Sage!

Good vibes make a happy life and the opposite can be said for stagnant energy.


Ready to Clear the Air?

Where you live is a magnet that can trap bad vibrations that are left by guests and even the negativity that you emit. 

Don’t let the whiff of bad energy cling to your home. Cleanse and clear the air with the magic of sage.

Its smokey bouquet will banish negativity and keep you feeling safe and protected.

What Is Sage?

Using sage can make the difference between a house and a home.

It is a herb that can be found in many variations.

Sage can help you to connect to the spirit world and remove old energy by purifying the space around you.

When lit, sage produces aromatic wafts of smoke.

As it rises into the air it will smudge away bad energy and release negative thoughts – it’s simply magic!

What Sage Is Best for Cleansing?

If you’re looking to refresh and reset your space then you need the right sage for the job.

Each type can unlock different benefits that will uplift your home and your soul.

White Sage is the most common option. It is extremely versatile and is the go-to for healing, protection, and practices such as meditation.

This sage is also used to clear away spiritual impurities that may be lurking undetected in corners of your home.

Lavender Sage will give you the serenity that you didn’t know you needed.

If the energy in your home is leaving you feeling erratic and stressed, this sage will mellow you out.

It can help to relieve anxiety and settle nerves. 

Blue Sage can be described as cool and soothing.

It can strengthen your spiritual intuition and clean out bad energy.

If you’re seeking balance and a clear mind then this is the perfect tool to add to your smudging kit. 

Black Sage is the perfect antidote if you’re having a restless night’s sleep.

This magical herb can conjure vivid dreams and visions.

It will also protect you from wicked energy and cast a protective bubble around your home.

Traditionally, this sage was used during shamanic journeying.

Dragon’s Blood Sage is potent, it’s rich and deep aroma is unmistakable.

This variant can be used for casting spells and ordering protection from metaphysical entities.

If you want to add a mystical kick to your cleansing routine then this is the sage for you. 

Feel Like a Bonus?

Take your cleansing ritual to the next level and grab some Palo Santo.

A traditional remedy for chasing away negative vibes, Palo Santo is a sacred wood that is native to South America.

Like sage, it gives off powerful plumes of smoke when burned. 

It’s fragrant minty, lemony scent is scintillating and enriches the senses.

It is also said to bring good fortune and abundance, perfect for when you want to manifest a little extra cash every now and then.

Pair it with any type of sage that takes your fancy to keep negativity at bay and set your intentions.

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