How to Quit Your Job and Work for Yourself

how to quit your job and work for yourself - absolutely adell

Quitting your job and working for yourself might sound like the dream life. And it very well can be.

If you want to quit your current job and work for yourself, then read on for tips to make that happen!

How to quit your job

Always remeber, nobody is in charge of your life but you. You are the CEO of your life. 

If you hate your job then quit. If you need the money then find another job and then quit. You could also find a side hustle job like driving for Lyft, Uber eats, Grubhub, Amazon and so on if you want to make money quick so you can quit asap.

It really is that simple. If you feel trapped at your job you owe it to yourself to find a better situation for yourself. 

You may need to keep your job for a little while longer, while you figure out how to work for yourself and start earning money. 

So how do you make money working for yourself? If you knew that you would probably not be readin this so read on for tip to working for yourself.

How to work for yourself?

First, you need to ask yourself some serious questions about yourself.

Working at a job that makes you feel miserable can definitely bring out the soul searching in you.

  1. What do you want to do with your days? 
  2. What are you already kind of good at or at least have always had an interest in?
  3. How do imagine spending your time and possibly making money?
  4. What are your current hobbies?
  5. What were you into as a child? Your childhood dreams? 

The best advice I ever got about working for yourself came from a book called Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. 

The author Kiyosaki points out how poor people and the middles class have a mindset of working for people and trading their time for money. A poor mindset. You think the only way to make money and have financial freedom is by working for other people your whole life.

Some people even work multiple low-paying jobs. Thinking this is the way to freedom.

You need to be there physically trading your time for hourly pay. It’s hard work.

Whereas rich people know to make passive income. A big takeaway is changing your poor/middle-class mindset.

Start thinking about how to earn money even while you are sleeping. Like what some people do with stocks and investing. 

This book solidified a lot I already felt about working for other people. It sucks.

So many jobs we work doing what feels like suffocating and micro-managed. We crave the freedom to pursue our own happiness.

Final thoughts

I would suggest keeping your job or finding another job but also building your own business on the dise everyday.

I’m going to be real with you here. 

In my opinion, all jobs suck. To be specific, working for other people, bosses can be down right suffering. Ive worked many jobs in my life and cant fit into any role, at any company. 

I only find satisfaction from doing the things that make me happy and working for myself. I enjoy blogging, connecting with people online, taking care of my kids, my house and cat sitting. 

So yes, we all need money to survive in this world. A solid plan is to think long term and to keep working hourly/salary jobs but to continue building your personal business on the side. 

If you have savings to live off of or someone who can support you then free yourself and quit. If you are in a similar situation where u need money, then you know what to do know. 

The best advice is to keep your while you are working at a company with security and good benefits until you find the next opportunity.

And always work on your personal side business so you can eventually free yourself from modern slavery. You can have the freedom to work for yourself and spend your days following your own pursuits.

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