I Failed At Breastfeeding and Pumping AGAIN! Getting Over Mom Guilt

i failed at breastfeeding twice support for moms formula feeding

Hey all!

I just “failed” at breastfeeding my🤱 newborn. This is my second baby and therefore my second attempt at breastfeeding and pumping.

I know how hard it can be and how real mom guilt is. I cried a lot when I “failed” the first time, but this time I was prepared to give it another try but I went in knowing that if I quit, I wouldn’t waste any time feeling mom guilt.

I’ll share a little of my story and mention the formula I use now. Then I will share support for you so you too can make your decision and not feel mom guilt.

Products I mentioned:

  1. Top of the line, wireless handsfree breast pump
  2. Best Pricing, Quality and Shipping – Organic European Formula website I purchase from
  3. Similac formula I like for my baby

Let’s create a community of moms supporting moms 🙂

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