Is Similac Organic Any Good? A Mom's Review

Is Similac Organic Any Good? Is Similac Organic Good? A Moms Review. Absolutely Adell

Here Is My Honest Similac Organic Review

At the time of writing this, my baby is only 2 weeks old, YAY! 

So I write this review as a mom who literally just experienced feeding Similac Organic Infant Formula to my newborn baby.

Hospital Formula - My Baby's First Formula

I began supplementing and feeding my baby formula while in the hospital.

I started off breastfeeding and ran into issues so I decided to supplement and feed my one day old baby some hospital provided formula.

My nurse was great and she brought me about 8 bottles of premixed Similac, ready to feed formula.

Here in the US, Similac is the #1 brand of baby formula chosen by hospitals, so there’s a good chance that if you ask for formula in the hospital where you deliver, you will be offered the same Similac pre-mixed pro advance bottles.

I assume they give the pre-mixed bottles because they don’t expect you to mix up formula and water and have your own sanitized bottles prepared to do all of that.

The exact name of the formula I was given by the nurse was Similac Pro Advance Infant Formula, Ready to Feed Newborn Baby Bottles 2fl oz.

I’ve used this formula with my first son three years ago so I already knew this stuff was good and I trusted it.

However, I also knew I would be switching to an organic formula as soon as I got home.


When I got home, I decided to Try Similac Organic Formula

Similac has coupons and samples available for new moms when you sign up on their website.

I don’t remember signing up but I’m glad they sent me these 3 formulas to try out.

1. Similac Organic Infant Formula

2. Similac Organic with A2 Gentle 

3. Similac Total-Comfort (NOT organic)

Is Similac Organic Any Good? Is Similac Organic Good? A Moms Review. Absolutely Adell
Is Similac Organic Any Good? Is Similac Organic Good? A Moms Review. Absolutely Adell
Is Similac Organic Any Good? Is Similac Organic Good? A Moms Review. Absolutely Adell

I was also very excited to receive these samples because I did not know Similac made organic formulas.

With my last baby, I used Similac Pro Advance then went on to use organic European formula – Hipp. 

This time around I figured maybe this US organic formula from Similac would work just fine. 

And guess what, hell to the no it didn’t!

Let’s get into it! 

Is Similac Organic Good?

When mixing up the Organic formula, I quickly noticed how many bubbles formed.

It was like the entire bottle of milk was all froth and foam.

I speculated that this would give my baby gas but decided to try it out for a week. 

I soon noticed my baby crying and fussing a lot while drinking this.

It’s like he was in uncomfortable pain while drinking this.

I tried to swirl the bubbles away and even added gas drops to the bottle but it was just ridiculous how much bubbles just stayed.

I opened the bottle to let the air out which usually makes some of the bubbles dissipate but the bubbles just stayed there.

I know with my organic European formula there were no bubbles.

Even the Similac pro advance has way fewer bubbles than this organic formulation.

I was really hoping my baby would soon adjust to the Similac Organic Formula so I went ahead and purchased two big containers of it.

Such a mistake. 


Do I Recommend Similac Organic?

I do NOT recommend the organic formulas from Similac. 

Here’s why.

The following days and nights have been so rough with his gas and CONSTIPATION!!

I did not deal with any of this with my first baby.

All this fussiness, major gas, uncomfortableness, pain, and constipation was so stressful for myself and my baby.

My baby was making painful straining sounds even in between feedings.

It was seriously stressful for the both of us because it felt like I couldn’t do anything to ease his pain and I saw the pain in his little eyes and eyebrows.

He wouldn’t sleep soundly and kept me up at night trying to figure out what the heck was going on. 🙁

My intuition told me he was straining for poop and was majorly constipated.

I noticed he wasn’t pooping and when he finally did about 1 every other day, it was a hard chicken nugget-looking poop.

Not the easy free-flowing more watery poop that I should be seeing. 

What does Our Pediatrician Say About Similac Organic Formula?

At my newborn’s check-up with the pediatrician,  I told the doctor I am no longer breastfeeding or pumping and I switched to 100% formula feeding.

I let him know that I am giving my little one Similac Organic formula and he is not doing well on it at all.

The doctor immediately told me he hears this a lot about organic formula and that it is a common complaint.

He said this may be due to the formula being digested much easier and faster leaving the water to be absorbed faster and leaving the material left to build up.

Something like that. 

Anyways, I told the doc that pro advance, although not organic, works great for my baby’s digestion, as well as the non-organic Pro Comfort.

The Pro Comfort definitely has less bubbles and it didn’t make my baby pissed off. 

So I reccommend this baby formula.

Our Pediatrician Recommended 'Similac Sensitive For Fussiness & Gas'

Our pediatrician recommended the ‘Similac Sensitive For Fussiness & Gas‘ if we are experiencing constipation issues.

I agreed that I would immediately stop the formula especially now that our pediatrician confirmed the crying, constipation, and fussiness are common when feeding these organic formulas.

I left the office and went to the store and bought Pro Advance formula. 

However, I think they rebranded Pro Advance or there is a shortage because I can not find it in stores anymore.

Is Similac Organic Any Good? Is Similac Organic Good? A Moms Review. Absolutely Adell

The Final Move

Then when I got home, I got online to purchase Organic European Formula – Hipp

I’m going back to buying in bulk, my organic european formula.

I had such success from it with my firstborn, three years ago, and I love the formulation.

If you’re interested in hearing about why I love organic European formula and the best European formulas, you can read about it here.


If I were to keep my baby on US formula then I would use Similac’s Sensitive, Comfort, or Pro Advance formulas.

I would NOT recommend Similac Organic Formulas.

If you want Organic Formula, I recommend European Formula. I use Hipp – German Formula.

– I’m a little over the top so I’ve already placed my order for organic European formula that has little to no bubbles when mixed. 🙂

Can’t wait to have my calm baby back and not see him straining and crying in pain.

Happy Baby, Happy Lady

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