GHD Gold vs GHD Platinum Plus


Platinum Plus vs Gold Review | Which GHD straightener is better?

Looking to upgrade to a better flat iron?

Great! I was in your situation recently, so I did some research and eventually narrowed my options down to the GHD Platinum Plus and the GHD Gold straightener.

I then decided to buy both flat irons so I could see which model performed best on my hair.


ghd platinum plus vs gold review comparison chart

Check out the official Gold vs Platinum Plus comparison video linked below!

I show close ups of the straighteners and show you the plate gap in one of the models. I then make an assessment off of the results and pick a winner and choose which GHD straightener is the best!

What is the cost of the Platinum Plus and Gold straighteners?

The GHD Platinum Plus is priced at $249 and costs $50 more than the Gold, putting the Gold at $199.

You can find these ghd straighteners available for purchase on the ghd website, on Amazon, or other beauty sites.

Return policy: I don’t like the ghd website’s return policy which is ’21 days to return the flat iron’.

Amazon has faster shipping and a generous return policy for prime members.

Just something to consider.

I bought the White Platinum Plus and the Black Gold straightener, and I must say, I am absolutely in love with the way the Platinum Plus looks and feels!  

Points to Platinum+ for having a larger variety to choose from.  

Oh the tech! 

These are both premium high-quality straighteners.

However, the technology in the Platinum Plus is slightly more advanced than the Gold, and many other straighteners on the market. 

The Platinum plus has better sensors and that’s supposed to keep an even temperature regulated throughout the plates so you don’t have hot spots and burn your hair. 

The tech in the Platinum plus is also claimed to be better for dyed/colored hair and preventing breakage.

My video of these straighteners will show you the box up close so you can see the written specs and benefits.

You’ll notice there is an Allure beauty award showing the Platinum Plus is a superb item.

The Platinum Plus has a faster heat-up time than the Gold. The Platinum Plus takes 20 seconds while the Gold straightener takes 25 seconds to heat up.

Personally, I do not think a five-second difference matters.

It’s all about the results; straightening, curling, softness, and shine.

They both have swiveling cords so when you’re straightening your hair the cord doesn’t get tangled up.

GHD Gold is available in Rose Gold.

I see a lot more variety in colors and designs with the new Platinum plus such as this Deep Scarlet red and Ink on Pink, OMG, or how about this ballsy Cobalt Blue.

The Classic GHD is under $150 – and may be perfect for the money-conscious mama.

Do Not Fear The Gap 

I know some people have complained that the plates don’t touch in the Platinum Plus straighteners, but I’ve read that’s actually not a bad thing and it’s even intentional.

It may actually be better for your hair if there’s a gap between your straightener’s plates.

You don’t want to damage your hair by squeezing the plates when straightening and putting pressure and breakage on your hair. 

Both ‘on’ buttons light up when pressed.

My hair is pretty damaged and wavy I just want you to see that I do have waves in my hair so let’s see which straightener can actually tackle the waves.

I usually like to pull my hair up and straighten my hair in three sections; all the hair below my ears, then the middle of my hair, and lastly the top crown of my head. 

Platinum Plus is the one that costs more.

It is the one that’s supposed to be a more premium model says GHD.

Note*** it really could vary on hair type so maybe my hair type is better suited for this gold. 

Your hair might respond better to a different straightener, but if your hair is like mine where it’s pretty thin you have a lot of waves when you wake up just natural waves, not like the pretty waves but just kind of like all throughout and random places.

If you bleach, highlight, or balayage your hair, then you may be familiar with dried-out processed hair.

That’s what I’m working with.

However, I do my best to revive my hair and I use products like Olaplex Hair Perfector No 3 Repairing Treatment.

Like seriously! You have to try the Olaplex line of hair products out if you love to bleach blonde your hair and want it seriously repaired and protected while bleaching!!

I had a hairstylist about 5 years turn me on to this line and you will see over 15 thousand positive reviews left on Amazon.

Also, Olaplex has a bond multiplier to use while bleaching your hair so your hair keeps its integrity.

Worth every penny IMHO (In my humble opinion).

If your hair sounds like my hair I’m gonna have to say the gold did better it just did.

I really really really wanted to love the Platinum Plus but for some reason, it didn’t do as good of a job as the Gold did. The Gold made my hair softer and smoother 

I feel I don’t know if it’s me again but I feel like the gold is better again we try to do a really nice one come on Platinum Plus give me a beautiful pearl that’s the saddest curl I’ve ever seen. 

I don’t know man platinum gold I feel like the gold comes out it’s just easier let’s do this all on you like with nice waves with the gold just a smidge.

These are both stunning straighteners.

However, the Platinum Plus has a sexier modern look, with the wishbone hinge making it stand out from all of its predecessors.

See my chart for photos.

Honestly, I was rooting for the Platinum Plus because I felt the higher cost would yield a superior product that’s better but I’m honestly really impressed with the Gold.

If they both cost the same and all were equal besides the actual results, then I would have to declare the Gold to be the best. We Have A Winner = The Gold! 

I hope this helps to answer any questions you may have.

I would love to hear your thoughts on your favorite GHD straightener!

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