I Just Sold My Car To Carvana! 2022 Selling to Carvana Review

sold my car to carvana - selling car to Carvana review

This is the day I bought my GLC 300. I loved my car but needed something more spacious, so I sold it to Carvana!

Thinking About Selling a Car to Carvana? Then checkout my Carvana review below

I just sold my car to Carvana and decided I will share my experience just in case you are wondering how it all goes down.

There are tons of places you could sell your car to, whether that be a traditional dealership or an online dealership. 

I made my decision to sell my car to Carvana because I got quotes from places like Carmax, Autonation, and Vroom, and Carvana gave me the highest offer.

I was offered $28,000 for my car from regular dealerships and offered $30,600 from Carvana and Vroom. That’s a whopping $2,600 more in my pocket!

Also, I wasn’t required to drive to a dealership for the sale, Carvana came to me!

Carvana and Vroom are newer online car dealerships so they don’t have as much overhead costs and commissions to pay, so they can offer more money to us.

I didn’t go with Vroom because I read that does not give you a check on the spot and that they take your vehicle and pay you later. That sounds risky to me so that’s why I chose Carvana!

Steps to Selling Your Car To Carvana

Fist thing I did was go to the Carvana website and start the quote to sell my car to Carvana.

Then I was asked to upload a picture of my Drivers License as well as a picture of my odometer (mileage). They make sure your mileage matches what you wrote in your quote.

Now for the fun part, you get to choose if you want the money directly deposited into your account or if you would rather have a check. I chose check.

The last step online was to set up a day and time for a Carvana rep to come to pick up my vehicle.

The website was super glitchy and I kept clicking to schedule the day and time and kept receiving error messages. 

I reached out to Carvana about this issue and they told me to ‘try again tomorrow’. It took them two days to fix this website glitch.

Finally, I chose my pick-up sale date. I chose to have my car picked up in three days! I chose a four-hour window then received an email confirming a 2:00 pm appointment.

Ahhh! Things started feeling real and exciting!

I couldn’t wait to sell this car so I could upgrade to something different!!!

The Appointment Day Has Arrived!

So my appointment time was scheduled for 2:00pm, but I received a call in the morning from the Carvana rep.

The rep asked me if I was available at 12:00pm instead, and I eagerly said yes!

I cleaned my car out and had it ready beforehand so I was ready to get this car sold!

I began feeling nervous because I didn’t know if they were going to find something wrong with it and not buy my car. I didn’t know if they were going to go through every scratch or ding in front of me they give me a lower offer.

well let me tell, you… the rep arrived and it couldn’t have been easier! The rep asked me to hand him the keys and sign two papers agreeing to the sale.

He then handed me my check for $9,600!! And that was that!!!

I owed roughly $20,000 on my current auto loan, so Carvana is paying that loan off and giving me they extra money in hard cold cash baby!

I immediately went to my bank to deposit the check and it cleared the next day!

Conclusion: Do I Recommend Selling a Car to Carvana?

Heck yes, I would recommend Carvana as a legit place to sell your car!

I think Carvana quotes are the most competitive and the process was so simple (minus the website glitches).

I’m glad I went with them because taking it to a dealership felt like a scary hassle. I just want my car sold in the easiest way, so I appreciate them for coming to me and giving me the check they promised.

Now I’m not sure what condition your car is in, so I don’t know what you are going to be offered but definitely check them out and also check out other major dealerships like Autonation and Carmax.

Most places, like Carvana, will pay off your current car loan if you have one. 

You also have the option to do. a trade-in.

You sell your car and buy another car with them so the money goes straight as a downpayment to your next car. 

I didn’t do this because Carvana doesn’t let you use a portion of your sale money, you have to use all of it or none of it towards the downpayment.

Hope this helps and eases your mind to the legitimacy of Carvana!