Are you wondering if you should give Stitch Fix a shot? Or maybe just wondering what you would receive and if it’s worth it?  If any of these apply to you then you’ve come to the right place! I just signed up for my very first ‘Fix’ and I’m showing you everything that comes in the box! I’ll also let you know my first impressions of the clothing and if I recommend Stitch Fix or not.

What to expect with Stitch Fix

The sign up process...

The process was fairly simple and quick. I signed up and was asked questions to gauge my personal style. I was mostly shown pictures of clothing then asked if they were my style or not. After rating pictures, I was then given the opportunity to leave a note for my personal stylist. Here I let my stylist know that I prefer soft cotton clothes and I love neutral colors. I also mentioned I love Victoria Beckham’s timeless classic style. I recommend you help your stylist out and let them know what you absolutely will not wear, such as leather, polyester, certain colors etc. Then, you could include your preferences in color, cut and fit. You are also given the opportunity to let them know what items you do not want sent such as shoes, accessories, bags, dresses, etc. You are also asked if you are looking for business attire or casual looks or both. Keep in mind, Stitch Fix is a great opportunity to try new looks, so keep an open mind and let your stylist throw you some wild cards!  If you don’t like the items sent, just send it back!

What's the box look like?

Soon after signing up, I received an email letting me know when my box would arrive. The box actually arrived a couple days earlier. The box was much lighter than I expected, under 3 lbs. 

What's inside the box? | Stitch Fix #1

Alrighty! My very first Stitch Fix included FIVE items to try! Four tops and one burgundy pair of pants. I did specify that I did not want my Stitch Fix to include shoes, bags, skirts or dresses. I’m more into the lounge and leisure wear. So keep in mind boxes vary. 

What exactly is inside the Stitch Fix box?

  • 5 items – (4 tops 1 bottom)
  • Prepaid return bag
  • The pricing sheet that breaks down cost of each item, ‘buy all’ discount (where you get 25% off the total if you purchase all items), credit amount, and total cost
  • A green card with information on what do do. Basically, try on clothes, keep what you want, return what you don’t want. It is mentioned that you have 3 days after your Stitch Fix box is delivered to try on and return. I sent mine back about 6 days later and it was okay so there probably is some wiggle room. Also, they have a 30 return policy so you should get your money back as long as you return the unworn items before 30 days.

#1. Market & Spruce

  • Navy Blue 
  • Tawnee Cotton Blend Waffle Knit Pullover
  • Size small
  • 5/5 – I absolutely love this sweater! I thought it was just okay when I held it, then I fell in love with it when I tried it on! That’s what i’m loving about Stitch Fix – you get to try on things you never would have picked yourself!
  • Item cost – $64.00

#2. Goldray

  • Black Long Sleeve Top (with the burgundy jeans that came in the box)
  • Shaya Cutout Fitted Knit Top
  • Size small
  • 4/5 -Super cute and definitely my style. I feel like I already own tops that look very similar to this so I won’t be keeping it.
  • Item cost – $48.00

3. Mix by 41 Hawthorn

  • Light Grey Top
  • Tarlio Brushed Cowl Neck
  • Size small
  • 5/5 – Nailed it! 100% my style and 100% mine now 🙂 
  • Item cost – $42.00

4. Lakeview Denim

  • Burgundy
  • Alex Skinny Colored Jeans
  • Size 4
  • 3/5 – It fits well and I like the color but I don’t like that the front pockets are not functional. I just don’t think these pants are worth $58. 
  • Item cost – $58.00

5. Kaileigh

  • Taupe Top
  • Wyn Boat Neck Ponte Knit Top
  • Size small
  • 4/5 – I really like this top. It’s soft and cute and I really like the drape. I just wish it was a tad tighter then I would have kept it. I’m definitely on the look out to add comfortable tops like this to my closet.
  • Item cost – $40.00

Do I recommend it?

I absolutely recommend you give Stitch Fix a try. Like why not? There’s no contract or lifelong commitment, you can cancel any time. I know some people sign up for one fix a month but I signed up to receive mine every other month. I used my sisters promo code and got $25 credit towards my purchase. See the image I posted about with the price sheet. If you want $25 credit then feel free to sign up with my referral code here –> $25 Stitch Fix Credit

I love hearing from you! Feel free to chat below or let me know if you have any questions  🙂 

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