Stovetop Shroomin’ – Easy Chaga Mushroom-Coffee Recipe!

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Every morning, without thinking, we drink a cup of coffee and go about our day. I add french vanilla or hazelnut creamer to my cup.

Other than the creamer tasting yummy, there probably isn’t any nutrients or benefits from adding flavored creamers to coffee, including fat-free and sugar-free options.

After researching a bit about what to put in my coffee so its not basic, I came across an article about Mushrooms. There it began, my ever-growing love of fungi. Well, this particular type of fungi 🙂

I dare you to try it yourself! Start Monday mornings with the addition of superfood Chaga mushroom.

Why? This mushroom is packed with medicinal health benefits!

Mushroom extracts increase the body’s defenses, activate metabolism, normalize blood sugar, and delay the growth of many tumors. Chaga is used not only to create medicines but also as a therapeutic and prophylactic drink every day. Try coffee with Chaga, which can be easily made at home. Use honey or organic syrup as a sweetener. You can also add milk, nut milk, or a slice of lemon in coffee.


  • Purified Water – 200 ml
  • Ground Coffee – 3 teaspoons (18 g)
  • Chaga – 1 teaspoon (6 g)
  • Optional – honey, syrup, milk, lemon 


  1. Grind the Chaga in a coffee grinder to a powdery state
  2. Put the ground coffee in a small pot or similar stovetop cookware
  3. Add water, mix
  4. Boil coffee over medium heat until the foam rises by about 1 cm
  5. Strain the liquid, fill the cups, serve
  6. Use honey or organic syrup as a sweetener. You can also add milk, nut milk, or a slice of lemon in coffee

Grab a book and enjoy a moment of self-care 🙂

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