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We’re pregnant!! 

In this video, I take a pregnancy test several times and finally get that (BFP) – BIG FAT POSITIVE on the third month! 

This being our second pregnancy, I wanted to do something fun to reveal the big news to my hubs! Watch the video to see the roller coaster of this reveal. 

NOTE: Things did NOT go as planned LOL fail -ish, but hey, sometimes the good old fashioned, ‘show em the pee stick’ works just fine too 🙂 

The most important thing is capturing my husband’s reaction as well as my own reaction, so we can forever look back on this and even show our little one how happy we were to find out. 

So keep that in mind for you if you want to record and surprise your lover. Keep it simple or test your idea out first – and remember your recorded genuine reaction is the most important. 


 Ideas for your reveal – 

1.  Coffee mug with “We’re Pregnant!” already printed permanently on the cup! 

2.  Coffee mug with “We have a winner SPERM” already drawn on the inside or outside of mug

3.   Non-toxic Paint Pens if you’re feeling crafty! for Ceramic, Glass, Wood, Canvas, Rocks etc.    And BAKE YOUR MUG AFTER PAINTING ON IT, TO PREVENT PAINT FROM COMING OFF. Don’t just hit it with a blow dryer like I did hahaha. Also, I recommend extra-fine tip paint pens

4.  Simple writable Matte Ceramic Mug – Dishwasher and Microwave safe, a Keepsake for you to draw on and have forever 🙂 


With love,

Abso Adell 

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