Salmon Avocado Quinoa Bowl


This Salmon Avocado and Quinoa Bowl is so delicious! You can make this salmon quinoa bowl for lunch, dinner, or even your next family get together! Serves: 3 – 4Total time: 20-30 minutes Ingredients:1 cup quinoa3 salmon fillets1 pint grape or cherry tomatoes¼ cup cilantro½ bunch green onions½ red onion2 limes1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar1 avocado2 tablespoons […]

Garlic Butter Cod Bowl Recipe


Garlic Butter Cod Bowl Recipe I love garlic and butter on everything I eat! Okay maybe not everything I eat, but definitely at least on most seafood. If you love a good garlic and sauce, then you are going to  love this butterlicious dish. Let’s get straight to the good stuff. Ingredients for Garlic Butter Cod […]