This is what its like to have C Section: Unplanned and Planned

what it feels like to have a c section
Hey all! 
I just had my second c section, and I wanted to share with you other c section mamas what to expect. Just in case you are wondering 🙂 My newborn is about 2 months old so the memory is fresh. 
My goal is to keep it real and to support you through your c section. If you have any questions about the c section experience, feel free to drop a question on the youtube channel. Thanks! 🙂 
Recommended items post c section recovery: 
1. C section underwear – so you don’t irritate your scar 
2. C section postpartum girdle 
I hope this video helps you some way 👩‍💻 Please hit the thumbs up 👍 and Subscribe on Youtube❣️ Will be dropping new videos.
Questions? Comments? Let’s Share!

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