What to Wear to Disneyland in the Summer | Disney Outfit Ideas


Wondering What to Wear to Disneyland?

Step #1. Get in the spirit and buy yourself these must-have Minnie ears! I purchased my baseball cap Minnie ears ahead of time for about $12. Most of the ears sold at Disneyland are $24.99.

I’m so happy I purchased my ears ahead of time because it took the pressure off of finding a perfect pair at Disneyland and wasting precious exploration time. Also keep in mind, Disneyland offers beautiful ears but they do not have decent selection of  baseball cap ears.

Disney Womens Minnie Mouse Cap With Bow & Ears Red
Classic Minnie Ears Headband
Step #2. Dress appropriately for the month.
My family and I visited Disneyland during the month of June and let me tell you, it was really warm out there.  To better help you decided what to wear to Disneyland, take a look at the average Disneyland temperatures below.

I recommend avoiding long pants or long sleeve anything. If you must wear long pants or long sleeve tops, wear something airy; cotton is your best friend. As you can see below, I’m wearing a summer romper. I’m obsessed with rompers right now. Oh and yes, I seriously wore Havaianas flip flop sandals for 13 hours straight!  These flip flops were so comfortable, all day long, and even more comfortable than my Sanuk yoga flip flops (which I recommend for shorter day trips). See both flip flops in the pictures below.


Don’t forget shades!     



disneyland outfit minnie mouse ears standing next to walt disney statue


Average temperature by month in Disneyland:

January   Average Temperature Range: 45 to 69°F

February   Average Temperature Range: 47 to 69°F

March   Average Temperature Range: 48 to 73°F

April   Average Temperature Range: 51 to 73°F

May   Average Temperature Range: 56 to 75°F

June   Average Temperature Range: 60 to 79°F

July   Average Temperature Range: 62 to 84°F

August   Average Temperature Range: 63 to 86°F

September   Average Temperature Range: 62 to 85°F

October   Average Temperature Range: 56 to 80°F

November   Average Temperature Range: 51 to 74°F

December   Average Temperature Range: 46 to 70°F


Outfit Ideas for Disneyland During Summer

Fixmatti Women Loose Fit Halter Backless Waisted Capri Wide Leg Romper


BB Dakota Women's DOTT Eyelet Romper


Levi's Women's Sleeveless Shelby Romper


Linsery Women's Summer Casual Spaghetti Strap Cotton Jumpsuits Rompers Overalls


Sundry Black Gauzy Cotton Romper


How About Matching Shirts?


Couple Matching Cartoon Hands I'm Hers - He's Mine T-Shirt


Beast & Beauty - Matching Couple Shirts - His and Her T-Shirts - Tees


Mickey and Minnie Couple Shirts, Matching Couple Shirts, Disney Shirts, King And Queen Shirts





Step #3. Don’t stress out, and don’t over pack.

I made the mistake of bringing too much ‘just in case’ items to the park. I brought extra clothes but I would advise you to just count on wearing what you are going to wear to Disneyland. I didn’t even change into the tennis shoes or the jacket I brought. I did however use a light sweater as the night approached. The nights definitely feel cooler so I suggest just bringing a light sweater to the park, especially if you are staying late for the fireworks show. Make sure you stay for the fireworks shows, it  is beyond spectacular. If you have a young baby, you may want to sit far away from show because the lights and fireworks definetly woke up my 6 motnh month old an freaked out my sleepy baby.




I would love to hear about your Disneyland style tips, leave a comment below!